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About Us

Who We Are

Cuba Dogs began as a way to support and bring the message and truth of the situation of dogs and other animals from Cuba to North America.  We work as a liaison and spread awareness for organizations operating in Cuba to make sure they have the proper resources to continue their mission.

We want to spread awareness to everyone, most especially tourists who love to go to Cuba, to shine the light on another facet of Cuban life, which are the dogs of Cuba.

About Us

How you can help 

Join the compassionate network of volunteers working with organizations such as CEDA and AniPlant to make a real difference in the lives of animals. From providing temporary shelter to transporting pets to their necessary destinations—be it the vet, an awareness campaign, or a transit home—your time and effort are invaluable.

Your contributions, whether through material donations or financial support, are the lifeline for animals in need. Sponsor a dog or cat and cover some or all of their care expenses, making a lasting impact on their well-being. To find out more about how you can contribute, visit our Network page and connect with organizations dedicated to animal welfare.

About Us


One of our main missions is to send financial support to various organizations in Cuba and fund projects that are needed to make a difference in the lives of dogs in Cuba. 

If you want to join the mission and want to make a difference  check out the map below for a list of Shelters, vets, and individuals that need a lot of help right now.

About Us

Support and Share

Support doesn't always have to come monetarily but the best way to make a difference is to share the message, spread awareness, and educate our friends and family.

Follow us on our social media and share the message of help to everyone you know. We have a part, you have a part, we all have a part in this mission.