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Save the cuba dogs!

We've got a network to help the animals in Cuba. Click on the donate button to donate now!

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Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant difference in our ongoing efforts to improve the welfare of these animals.

Help The Animals in Cuba

We have many shelters and animal organizations listed all around Cuba!

How Can you make a difference?

Cuba Dogs Goals


  • Volunteer In Tasks Organized By Organizations Like CEDA, AniPlant, Etc.
  • Providing A Transit Home For A Rescued Animal.
  • Transporting An Animal To The Vet, To A Campaign, To A Transit Home.
  • Making A Donation Of Either Materials/Medicine/Food Or Cash.
  • Sponsoring A Dog Or Cat, Which You Can Do By Covering Their Expenses Partially Or Totally. 

Check our Network page to contact specific organizations to learn how you can help them.

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Spread the word and educate others on social media. Help amplify our mission and impact.


Volunteer with CEDA, AniPlant, etc. Provide a temporary home for rescued animals.


Aid by escorting animals to the vet or by donating supplies, medicine, food, or funds.

Start A Petition

Collaborate with our team for broader impact. Initiate petitions for stronger animal rights laws.

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What's Going on in Cuba?

Dogs are everywhere in Cuba, in the streets, near doorways, lying on the sidewalk. Flea-bitten and looking worse for wear. You don't see dogs being walked on dog leashes, playing fetch in a park, or any dog-centric activities that are common for a North American dog. They run around, sleep wherever and most of the time left to fend for themselves with the majority of them having only scraps to feed themselves. Though there are dogs that fortunate enough to become someone's pet but that doesn't mean that they are always better off.

Animal abuse and mistreatment can be found in many parts of the world but within Cuba, these practices are very common, most especially to dogs and cats. This may because the countries lack an Animal Protection Act. Also in a country where wages are capped and money is scarce, bringing your pet to get proper treatment or even taking care of dogs that need it is hard for even organizations trying to make a difference with the situation of these animals.

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